is a high performance software package for bundle triangulation, to solve technically difficult and precise applications of photogrammetry for:



3D Mapping

3D Mapping





3D Industrial

3D Industrial QM




The core function of the software is existing since 1980. It has been continuously developed though all the years and became the leading software for standard aerial and close-range triangulation.

The BINGO software is used by hundreds of customers on every continent, over 500 sold licences, 7 photogrammetric camera producers using for factory calibration.

Outstanding features of BINGO:

Special algorithms and tool for calibration of new digital aerial survey cameras with multiple array sensors.

Automatic algorithms for medical application of photogrammetry especially for prosthesis and for medical support stockings.
Automatic algorithms for high precise macro photogrammetry performed with fringe projection techniques, without touching the object to be measured.

The integration of measured orientation angles from an inertial measurement unit (IMU) in the bundle triangulation, as well as their simultaneous calibration. This development allows aerial triangulation processing and IMU calibration without any ground control point.

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Sophisticated solutions for aerial photogrammetry, like:

  • Advanced airborne GPS
  • Automatic error elimination
  • Combined adjustment
  • Data-problem management
  • Free net adjustment
  • Full camera calibration
  • Graphical presentation
  • IMU (INS) system calibration
  • Lake levelling
  • Precision and reliability
  • Reconnaissance cameras
  • Survey measurements

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The BINGO software has an integrated external module for Automatic Triangulation Measurement. BingoATM is an additional part to the core Adjustment function.

BingoATM is the solution for automatic tie point matching for both, digital images and digitised frame images. The collection of tie points and control points are automatically but there is an efficient tool to check and edit points as well semi-automatically or manually.

The control points can be measured mono or stereoscopically with correlation. It means that points have to be defined manually on first image, and they are found automatically in the other images using correlation. The system can automatically register sketches of control points and can be printed.

Given GPS/IMU data can be used optionally but the whole matching is possible without any external control. Is working with any type of photogrammetric or non-metric small or middle format cameras, the software support the Oblique or UAV solutions.

The user can define optimal number of points per image. Depending on quality of images and landscape the system might find a high number of regions. The points are selected to be well spread over the whole image.

The system can load points from program LIMBO (List Missing Bundle Observations – a BINGO Tool) and check the skipped points and missing points. The user interface is very user friendly and gives easy access to all necessary information.

Product Flyer for BingoATM

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