About us

The development of the BINGO software started in 1980 and the first users were using it already since 1981. The software has been continuously developed though all the years and became the leading software for standard aerial triangulation. The company for the BINGO development were founded in 1994 as “Gesellschaft für Industriephotogrammetrie mbH” by Dr Erwin J. Kruck. In 2008 joined Dr. Balazs Melykuti to the company as partner and they are managing the development, support and word wide sales-network from Germany.

Dr. Erwin J. Kruck

1970 starting as young surveying engineer with field survey and software development in Hamburg. Further studies of Geodesy and Geoinformatics at Hannover University. Doctoral Degree 1983 in Photogrammetry with special emphasis to adjustment processes. Further three years experience in Photogrammetry at Hannover University. 1986 – 1994 in photogrammetric development in Rijkswaterstaat Delft and Carl Zeiss Oberkochen and Jena. Since 1994 owner and CEO of GIP-Aalen. Main business: Consulting in Photogrammetry and software development for bundle adjustment (Bingo).

Dr. Balazs Melykuti

Studied Land Surveying, Geoinformatics and Photogrammetry at the University of Technology and Economics Budapest, Hungary. In 2000 finished his PhD study in Digital Photogrammetry on the Institute of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Technical University of Vienna, Austria. Has an MBA, Master Degree of Business Administration. Worked in GIS and IT Business in Germany, Austria and Hungary. Has several publication in field of photogrammetry.

Our Scope:

Consulting and managing for technically difficult applications of photogrammetry in GIS and Industry. Special emphasis on maintenance, further development and world wide sales of the bundle triangulation software package BINGO.